Wow! 2021 has started off with a Bang!

With all the energy I am feeling I have been putting it to good use on the website courses. This month the Practical Radionics course is getting my full attention.You can get a peek at my style of online teaching with the Practical Radionics Mini-course where you learned to imprint a crystal. I included a download-able session for creating a protection shield for Covid times.

I, of course, created mine and have used it this past year. My health has been great, I have been kind and worn a mask when expected, washed my hands but have a sense of peace and harmony. The crystal is in my coat pocket and I activate it when I go places.

I so appreciate the ability to balance loved ones at-a-distance. There are exciting projects coming up for me this year. Personal health projects have included deep detox, radiation, a systemic fungus condition and building muscle (for the framework)

This year LFR has a grains project using the SRI techniques I tested a few years ago. I will have 16 test plots with a variety of grains and legumes. I'm excited about this project. Other projects include the Bokashi and biochar beds and compost, seeds saved, quality/quanity and increasing yields in box gardens.

It's going to be a busy year!

With Light and Love, Lutie