Pea sprouts 2

Here in Utah we are watching for signs of spring. A few warm days, slushy snows, and in the soil - a thaw. This is when the earth opens up, the soil melts, and moisture again begins to move in the soil.

This is a time I watch carefully because it signals to me when my soil might be worked, or prepared, for planting.I often use an IDF tuning, 38.75-31.5, to check appropriateness to plant. It is a yes/no question that I ask on a 1-10 scale. I, the person asking the question, must be clear about what I am asking.

What is my desire behind the question? Will the plants germinate? Will they thrive and produce a bountiful crop? Am I focusing on the seed/plant? or the soil? or the weather? Will it change and become cold again?

I have learned, by experience, that the tuning is tied to the one asking the question (using a specific setting) in an important, but subtle, way.

For me, this is why I feel it is so important to teach/coach/mentor the operator of radionic equipment and to continue that education to develop a real skill and understanding as a researcher/practitioner/user in the field of radionics. There is such potential here in so many areas/services, but we often fall short and we don't learn why or give up too soon.

Don has created an amazing tool to assist us in our study of the way the subtle affects the physical (and vice versa) now we must practice, experiment, and learn from that experience.

I am so looking forward to the new year!