Subtle Anatomy Mini Course

Using radionics with the subtle anatomy of the body is both interesting and informative! It is an excellent study in managing personal health.

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In this Mini course I will discuss my view of the subtle fields of the Lungs, several different ways to review them and a lecture on application of these techniques.

This course is a preview for a more extensive course on the LFR Subtle Anatomy Courses on Organs, Systems and Subtle Sensing for more advanced research in radionic application.

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Lutie Larsen
Lutie Larsen

Lutie Larsen discovered radionics in 1974 when she was in the middle of raising a family of 10 children. They had recently moved to Utah, purchased 2 1/2 acre homestead and she was looking at more natural ways to resolve the day to day family issues. Radionics proved to be a perfect choice.

In a big family the garden serves many purposes. Children need food, but children also need chores. Family life thrives on everyone doing their share of the work.

Lutie has grown to have a huge respect for the perspectives she learned from studying and measuring/tuning the subtle fields in the family garden. She has gone on to extensive research in the sustainable and organic agriculture movement assisted by radionic techniques.

"We were gathering information along with new peas from the garden and trying to figure out the natural laws that ruled growth." said Lutie. "i have a healthy respect for the integrity inherent in each plant, insect, soil and tree and could teach this to my children.. I love the beautiful Earth! I respect the natural laws that govern it and love the Creator! Above all I want to be a good steward."

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