Little did we know what 2020 would bring!

First of all we hope all is well in your home (and world).Our hearts go out to any who have suffered loss of illness.

Lutie: Little Farm had a great summer! We brought in five families once or twice a week and share our growing box secrets. I was able to obtain two cubic yards of beautiful biochar and incorporate it into the growing spaces at the Larsen Homestead.

There were seven radionically supported projects that produced amazing results and everyone is still smiling. There is no question on how well radionics works. I have loved my "shielding experiments" and have used them personally as well as on water, food and even my clothing.

Here in the US there has been so much mis-information and half-truth it has given us a real workout to stay centered and focused. For me, my radionic training has been invaluable.