Hi Everyone!

January is proving to be quite exciting, both externally and internally. I have been working on techniques for effectively using digital reagents at LFR for the past 4 years. (The big value of working with plants, gardens and small test plots is the ability to observe the actual effects of radionic broadcasts)

I have come to a number of understandings about our work in the subtle fields of life form. I am very curious and love to learn. I choose to apply GW de la Warr's adage, "Seeing is not believing, but rather Believing is seeing". and Dr Carey Reams advice to "See what you are looking at". I think after many years of radionic research our very senses are sharpened and we can look . . . and look again, and see more . . . much more . . .

Reagents used in radionic research has been utilized since the very first. Dr Abrams discovered with a patient who had malaria, that when he introduced a sample of quinine water into the treatment circuit, his patient responded positively. Farmers in the early days of agricultural radionics, were taught to target incoming pest infestations with a "reagent cocktail" to drop their vitality when they entered the crop environment. Techniques were devised and tested as early as 1930 with the early work done by UKACO.

I am adding lectures on Using Reagents on each of my full courses. They will all explaining reagents a bit differently, and will include different reagent downloads, but I am sure you will enjoy (and learn) from them. Please experiment and let me know what your findings are in the appropriate comment box.

Until next week,